Why use Frontrunner entrance flooring system?

There are three main reasons for fitting any entrance flooring system:

  • Protection of internal floor coverings;
  • Reduction of interior floor cleaning requirements;
  • Minimising the risk of slips on imported foreign matter.

  • And even more reasons for fitting a Frontrunner Entrance Flooring System:

  • Available in rolls for seamless quick and easy installations;
  • Loose lay open grid construction removes dirt from traffic area and eases cleaning;
  • 100% recyclable and REACH* compliant vinyl grid;
  • Meets the requirements of the UK Disability Discrimination Act - BS 8300:2009;
  • Excellent Fire rating - EN 13501 - 1 : 2007- Cfl - S1 (Bfl - S1 available on request);
  • Up to R12 slip resistance rating under DIN 51130;
  • Frontrunner Plus available in 50 different colour combinations.

    Can also be customised with the incorporation of a logo panel.

  • frontrunner matting installation frontrunner matting rolls

    Today, to ignore the need for an entrance flooring system can have both legal and financial repercussions, with the potential for dirty offices and risk of slips.

    *Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of CHemical substances.



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